Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And the winners are:

Checkout the rest of the models at:  All Molecules

This was the first year that I had a vote.  It worked out really well as the students took the assignment more seriously since they were voting on each other.  One reason I did not do the voting prior to this year was that I did not want to have a logistics nightmare.  What made me decide to have a vote this year technology.  I  developed a form using Google Docs and then linked it to a QR code (bar code) that I created using a QR Code Generator.   Once in place, the students would just scan the code with any SMART phone and enter their picks.  The form was simple: Student Name; best in period 1; best in period 2; best in period 3; best in period 4; and best overall.  An additional bonus is that I was able to leave the vote open for certain time in case of absences.  Also it allowed for other students, teachers, and administration to partake as in it as well.  Let the voting continue!

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  1. Love this assignment and the voting was a great addition!