Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For Edline Users!  

It is possible to insert graphs, pictures, or diagrams into Edline quizzes.  Shown below is a partial quiz I created on Edline where questions 14 - 16 require a phase diagram (PD water.dox).  The phase diagram pops up for the students to use for the questions.

To insert the file in a quiz or assignment, 1) create the quiz using the Quiz Builder.  2) Next click the at position where you want insert the file and 3) select Hand-Out (file attachment handed out by you).  Save your work normally and your done.

Thanks goes to Mike Sirowich (Physics Teacher) for explaining this to me, although Mike Oberdick, Tech Integration Specialist at our school probably has this on his blog (Tech Messages)!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kurt...I rely on you guys in the science department to push the envelope in Edline. Experimentation is key!