Monday, August 10, 2015

Working with deep sky stacker

Reprocessed an image of the Hercules Globular Cluster I took a few weeks ago in Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) with much better results. Image 1 is from TIFF files converted directly from the RAW data and Image 2 was stacked using JPEG format. I had trouble stacking on the RAW files using DSS directly which is why I converted them to TIFF files.

Image 1

Image 2

Image Details:
Image 1 and 2:
M13 - Great Globular Cluster in Hercules (mag +5.8)
Location: Monroe, CT
Date/Time: 7/23/15 06:38 AM
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Telescope: Orion ED80 80mm f/7.5 Apochromatic Refractor Telescope
Mount: Orion Sirius EQ-G GoTo Telescope Mount
Autoguiding: None
Focal Length: 600mm (lens)
Exposure: 2-60s, 1-30s
ISO: 800
Post Processing: DSS, PS (crop)

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