Sunday, November 22, 2015

Astronomy Night at Boothe Park

The newly refurbished 16'' f/15 telescope at the Boothe Memorial Astronomical Society (BMAS) Observatory in Boothe Memorial Park is operational (thanks George).  At our regular meeting on Friday November 20, 2015 we finally had a good first light with all the equipment working as planned.  Meetings are open to the public and are from 8:00 - 10:00 pm the 1st and 3rd Friday's of each month.

Below are some images of the moon through the scope that I took and a link to a video survey that Elliott Severn shot.  The images of the Orion Nebula were taken through my Orion ED80.  There was nothing fancy about it I just had few minutes and decided to take a 30 second unguided image.

Link to the video survey by Elliott: video survey

Moon Images
Location: BMAS Observatory, Stratford, CT
Date/Time: 11/20/15 10:53 pm
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Telescope: 16 inch Reflector Telescope
Mount: Huge Sturdy Dinosaur (Unk)
Autoguiding: none
Focal Length: 6000mm
Exposure: 250s 
ISO: 800
Post Processing: none

M42 - Orion Nebula
Location:  BMAS Observatory, Stratford, CT
Date/Time: 11/20/15 10:44 pm
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Telescope: Orion ED80 80mm f/7.5 Apochromatic Refractor Telescope
Mount: Orion Sirius EQ-G GoTo Telescope Mount
Autoguiding: none
Focal Length: 600mm
Exposure: 30s 
ISO: 800
Post Processing: PS

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