Monday, November 30, 2015

Toyota RAV4 Side Mirror Wiring

I replaced my passenger side mirror on my 2009 Toyota RAV4 with the Kool-Vue replacement model (power, heated, turn signal).  There are some very good tutorials on how to do this.  I used one on YouTube by Mike Wilza: link.  He gives a quick and easy to follow demonstration on what to do.  However, my problem arose when the new wiring clip did not match the original clip.  After doing some research particularly on, I discovered there were two RAV4 manufacturing plants, one in Japan and the other in Canada.  The mirror I was sent was the one from Japan while my RAV4 was from Canada. 

So rather than send it back as some suggested, I replaced the clip on the new mirror so it would work. Fortunately others have done this, unfortunately not with the heated model so I had to guess.  The following are the wiring connections I used:

Toyota:               Kool-Vue
green:                  red
blue:                    brown
yellow:                purple
white:                  white
pink:                   pink
black:                  black
black (white dot): black (writing)

It works well, however, one of the connections is reversed. When I want the mirror to point away from me, it points towards me and visa versa. The up-down works normal as does the turn signal.
I like this tiny anomaly so I am not taking anything apart again...

Attached is a photo of the wiring of the new mirror to the original clip. 

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