Saturday, April 2, 2016

First Shot of Jupiter from the BMAS Observatory

This was the first shot of Jupiter from the rebuilt Boothe Memorial Astronomical Society (BMAS) 16-inch reflector. It was sky not ideal for planetary imaging as there was lots of atmospheric disturbance, also Jupiter was not overhead so images are not as clear as they could be.  I published an image a couple weeks ago based on 1000 stacked frames.  However, another BMAS member, Elliott Severn, informed me that I could could combine all three 1000 frame video clips in Registax if I convert them to single frames. Since I use Backyard EOS (BYE) and BYE already creates single frame jpeg's along with the video clip it was easy to bring them into Registax.  Another program I used prior to Registax was Planetary Imaging PreProcessor (PIPP) which among other things, can cut down the size of the file Registax has to work with. So here is the newly reprocessed image.

Image 1 - Reprocessed (1950/3000 frames)

Image 2 - Reprocessed, Cropped to the same Size as the Original Image (1950/3000 frames)

Image 3 - Original Image (650/1000 frames)

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