Monday, October 10, 2016

The Cooling Tower - M29

Messier 29 (also known as NGC 6913) is an open cluster in the Cygnus constellation. It was discovered by Charles Messier in 1764, and can be seen from Earth by using binoculars.

The star cluster is situated in the highly crowded area of Milky Way around 4,000 light years away. It has an apparent magnitude of 7.1 and it's age is estimated to be around 10 million years. The four brightest stars form a quadrilateral, and another three, a triangle north of them. It is often known as the "cooling tower" due to its resemblance to the hyperboloid-shaped structures. (source: wikipedia)

This image represents the 43rd Messier object I have imaged with my set-up.  The quest still goes on for all 110:


Wide field
The Cooling Tower - M29
Location: Happy Frog Observatory, Monroe, CT
Date/Time: 10/6/16 9:25 pm
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i(a), Backyard EOS
Telescope: Orion ED80 80mm f/7.5 Apochromatic Refractor Telescope
Barlow: None
Focal Length: 600mm
Mount: Orion Sirius EQ-G GoTo Telescope Mount
Filter: Astrodon UV/IR
Autoguiding: QHY-5L-II-M attached to an Agena 50mm Guide Scope with Helical Focuser
Exposure: 31 x 120 sec (62 min)
ISO: 800
Temp: 30 C
Post Processing: Deep Sky Stacker, StarTools, Photoshop, Lightroom

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